About Us

More than just a Dog Walking Service Directory.

Not only do we provide a platform for Calgary dog owners to link up with dog walkers servicing the Calgary area, we provide a great place to share your customer testimonials and we allow client reviews.

Dog owners feel much better hiring a dog walker they know has positive community feedback and visibility. Peace of mind is very important to anyone wanting to allow a stranger into their homes or to care for their loved ones.

We’re very visible and that translates into better services for people in the Calgary area looking to hire a dog walker. They find what they are looking for quickly and with greater confidence than simply shooting in the dark at an ad on Kijiji or the like.

Listing your service is free
We offer businesses or individuals in Calgary, offering dog walking services, a place to share their client success stories, receive public praise from happy dog owners, and receive valuable market feedback that can help them improve their service and take it to the next level. Not only do they learn from their own dog walker reviews but they can learn valuable lessons from those of others.

We try to make the community safer for dogs and dog owners by sharing information, giving peace of mind and a level of trust and security.

If your walker has your tail wagging, you can place your free dog walker service review and give them a pat on the head. If you have a client who want’s to show their appreciation for a great job, you can direct them to your listing and they can leave you a recommendation. Not bad for a free service.

The aim of this site is not profit but service. However, hosting and administrative costs still exist. So we have our premium listings available. These allow Dog Walking service providers a chance to beef up their free listing with some extra info. Pictures, company logos, rate information, references, success stories, testimonials and more are available to our premium subscribers. On top of that, they’re eligible to be featured on our front page as our “Featured Dog Walker” which really elevates their community profile.

So, if you’re a dog walker and you’ve not sent your free service listing request, just fill it out. It’s located here: Dog Walker Service Listing What are you waiting for? It will only take a second and it’s free.

If you need some more information, please feel free to contact us.

And if you’re really interested there is some boring legal type stuff in our privacy policy and terms of use.