Pawfect Summer Dog Walking

Posted by on July 20, 2012

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Pawfect Summer Dog Walking

403 467 0331
Calgary AB

Hi there!
My name is Rachel and I am a 20-year-old University student in the Haskayne School of Business at UCalgary. I wanted to do something during the summer where I could run a small business, as well as work outdoors.
I am located in Cranston in S.E Calgary, and will walk in the Cranston and Mckenzie Lake communities. I have been an owner of dogs in the past and am a full-fledged lover of all dogs big and small! I am also a Track and Field athlete, and so running around with the most energetic pups will be no problem!
Everyone has something to do on a daily basis, and not everyone has the time to take his or her beloved pooch out for extended periods of time, multiple times a day. I’m here to help you with that part!
For $12/hour, I will stop by your home and pick up your pooch and take them for a minimum of an hour walk either street side, or in Fish Creek Park, whichever mom and dad prefer. Walks will also either be on or off leash depending on preference. Mom and dad approved treats will also be given on walks, and tons of cuddles and belly rubs. Water will always be carried for the furry friends on walks, and tennis balls and various toys will also be brought to make the hour that much more fun!
For a splashin’ good time, swimming is also an option in slow running areas of the bow river, as well as the shallow shores of the elbow. A towel rub down will be done to dry off afterwards. But of course swimming will not be permitted unless Mom and Dad say so. Paw and belly wipes will be done at the end of every walk in case any dirt decides to come back with us. If requested, I will check their food and water and top up as needed when they are brought home.
I can take your beloved pal out for more than an hour, or for an hour up to 3 times a day. Half hour is also available and will be $8.
Additional dogs per walk will be $5/hour or $2/half hour.

Of course I will meet with you and your pup beforehand to make sure it’s a good fit, and to go over how old they are, their name, what they’re afraid of, if they’re good with other dogs, kids, and people, if they have any habits you’re trying to stop I should know of, what they do and don’t like, and their general personality.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!


403 467 0331