Canine Culture

Posted by on January 20, 2012

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Canine Culture

511 48th AVE SW
Calgary AB

Does your dog come when you call?
Does your dog pull on the leash on walks?
Can you trust your dog off leash?
Does your dog listen the first time you ask him to do something?
Does your dog jump up on you and on other people?

Would you just like to have a better relationship with your dog?

We can help!

No treats or any masking tools are used in any of our training. You will learn to teach your dog in a way that is natural to them! All you need is a 6 foot leash and a martingale collar! All of our classes are hosted outdoors so you and your dog will learn how to deal with real life situations.

What is great about this training is that it isn’t just for “bad” dogs…It’s for anyone that wants to strengthen the bond that they have with their dog!

We were taught by Brad Pattison, star of “At the End of My Leash” and “Puppy SOS” at Hustle Up! School of Dog Training.

Our classes go far beyond just basic commands. Why take a class that is indoors? You walk your dog outside and that is where you need them to listen to you. Classes are hosted all over the city so that you and your dog are exposed to fun new sights, smells, and sounds. You will build a bond with your dog based on trust and respect, not negotiation and bribes. It is more than just dog training… it is a Canine Culture

We offer dog/house sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, private consultations, group training classes and pre-pet counseling!


Beth O’Connor